Terms and conditions 2020

While filling in this form you will be asked to accept our terms and conditions, including the agreement that you are legally authorized to work in the UK and that you have no criminal convictions and no charges:

1. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully, since together they form the binding contract (indicated as "contract") between the user (indicated as "you" or "your") and 

    POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models (indicated like "POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models" or "us", "us" or "our").

2. By submitting the application for registration as an artist with POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models, the user agrees to be bound by this contract. If there is something you don't understand in these terms and conditions or your guide don't contact us.


3. From time to time we may update the guide, for example where the requirements of the production companies change, so please check it regularly.


4. You will be included on our website and books by submitting the online application form. It is necessary to provide complete and accurate answers to all the information requested in this 

   form, at this "link" ) including two suitable photographs (one head and one shoulder, one full-length photo) taken no more than 6 months before (refer to this information as "data



5. Important: by submitting an application:

   • You agree to be bound by this agreement and to comply with the instructions provided in the guide or otherwise by any member of POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models staff.

   • You agree that you have no criminal convictions not spent in addition to sentencing and that you are not registered in the register of perpetrators of sexual offenses.

   • You agree to cooperate with any request from any production company to obtain a criminal background check.

   • You agree not to be intentionally allergic to any make-up or prosthesis or to have informed us in writing.

   • You confirm that there are no material facts that you believe should be disclosed and that may be relevant to your commitment, or that could cause injury or harm to yourself or others, or       have


informed us in writing of such facts.

    • Confirm that you have the legal right to work in the UK.

    • You agree that we can publish your details (including your photographs, if any) in the electronic casting book, include your details on our website and any other materials and forward your details to any production company or any other customer. of POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models (referred to as "production company") and to contact you with booking offers and details of other productions for which we are casting and on other services related to your reservations.


6. You are not officially registered with POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models until you receive all the relevant documents from you;

In case you need to work in the UK. A valid national pension number and all rights to work in the UK (with the necessary documentation to prove it). 

Photographic evidence in the form of a copy of the passport.
Have (or be willing to obtain) a valid Basic Disclosure Certificate. www.gov.uk

POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models (the Agency) is committed to working in line with the Code of Conduct, now in common use throughout the sector. The Code of Conduct requires that all artists who are working on any production that involves (or at some point may involve) working with children and/or people under the age of 18 at any stage during production, must obtain a basic disclosure check, to verify the artist's suitability for works of this nature.

7. After being approved, you will be included in our casting book for 1 year from the approval date. This contract will automatically expire on that date. We may contact you before that date       regarding the renewal.

8. Important: applying the user is not automatically included in our electronic casting book and we reserve the right to refuse your request or to remove you from our casting book, for any          reason. For the avoidance of doubt, if we refuse your request or remove you from our electronic upcasting book, this contract will be automatically terminated.

9. Important: Once your application is accepted, you assign POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models to act as an agent in finding your reservations as an actor, artist, background, walk-on artist,              lifestyle model, PR or other similar work (indicated as "Reservations") with production companies in accordance with this contract. In no event are you hired as an employee or contractor        of POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models.

10. Important: While we strive to find reservations for everyone in our casting book, we do not guarantee that we will offer you any reservations at any time.


11. All details that the artist has provided to the agency, such as qualifications, skills, experience, and other relevant information, are expected to be correct. The artist must immediately               notify the agency of any changes to the information that has been submitted, including any change in appearance, as this may affect the artist's ability to fulfill an assignment.

     At  POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models we have a firm commitment to industry policy, legislation, and best practices and we take your privacy seriously. We will store and use your personal           information only to administer your profile and provide the products and services requested and provided by us. To fulfill our purpose, we will have to transmit certain details (including 

     personal and photographic data) to other parties (customers - producers, production companies, and their associates and other interested parties). This information will be archived,           

     processed, and exchanged in line with the current general data protection regulation: (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and best information governance practices.

     We will also need to contact you by phone, text message, email, and post for reservations, updates, financial administration, and other daily resource management.

     Island People Agency are registered members of the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).



15. From time to time we may contact you to offer you reservations. We are not obligated to offer you reservations at any time.

16. You are not obliged to accept any reservation that has been offered to you. Once the reservation has been accepted, it is necessary to keep free for the whole day. This also applies when          a  reservation is valid only for part of the day.

17. If for any reason you become unavailable for an accepted booking; you must contact the person of the Island People's Agency who booked you for that job as soon as possible. Important:          if it doesn't show up for any booking without good reason, we may remove you from our casting book and a new booking fee of £ 60.00 may be charged.

18. Important: production companies have the right to cancel any reservation free of charge by 17.30 on the day before the reservation. We will notify you as soon as possible after receiving 

      the booking cancellation notification.

19. Important: if you have accepted a reservation if you do not confirm your availability again by e-mail, SMS or telephone the day before the reservation, before 16:00, we have the right to 

      replace you without further notice. This means that production may not allow you to set and that you will not be paid.


20. You must arrive at the production site within the call time that has been given to you. If you are late, production may not allow you on the set and you will not be paid.

21. While on the set (or on any form of transport provided by the production company) you must:

·     Be professional and courteous at all times.

·     Do not make any films or audio recordings or take photographs;

·     Respect the rules and regulations established by the production company and follow the instructions provided.

·     You look well presented and properly dressed every time you represent the POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models.

·     Never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs or smoke while working.


22. If your behavior on the set (or any means of transportation provided by the production company) is considered by us or the production company to be unacceptable or inappropriate,                 including your behavior towards any POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models member or any member of the production staff, or if you misrepresent PPOSTALMARKET 2.0 Models in some way,          you may need to leave the set, the production company may not pay you for the reservation and we reserve the right to remove you from the casting book and online profile.

23. Important: while on the set (or on any form of transport provided by the production company) POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models is not responsible if you are injured (unless it is caused by our         negligence) or for any loss, damage or theft of any of your personal property. The production company is responsible for taking out personal accident insurance coverage while on the set


24. If the production company requests it, a release form must be signed (this allows the production company to use personal images, films, and recordings). The production company may            not pay you if you don't sign this form. You also authorize us to sign any release form requested by a production company on your behalf. If you can't sign a same-day release form, we              may sign it on your behalf to make sure you get paid.

25. Important: if you have problems or questions when you are on set, you must contact POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models and not the production company. If necessary, we will raise it with               the production company on your behalf. Of course, if there is an immediate risk to someone's health or safety, it is necessary to increase it immediately with the appropriate person on             the set.


26. Important: the work you do on any reservation is strictly confidential and you don't have to reveal any details to anyone. For example:

·      You don't need to make any film or audio recording or take pictures while on a set.

·      You must not contact journalists, newspapers, magazines or other publications on any
        the production you worked on.

·       You cannot post comments or photos on any website, blog, or social network on any products you have worked on (including Facebook and Twitter).

        In case of violation of this clause, we will immediately remove you from the casting book and online profile.


27. You authorize POSTALMARKET 2.0 Ltd to receive all commissions from the production companies for your reservations, on your behalf.  These commissions will be deposited into our           customer account.

28. Within 30 working days of receiving the commissions (normally six weeks after completing the booking, but sometimes it is longer depending on the production company)                                  we will deduct our commission and pay the balance of the payment directly to your BACS  bank account. We will also send you your remittance by e-mail.

       Note: we only send remittances by e-mail, copies of which are not kept.

29. POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models cannot transfer payments from a production company until the production company has made the payment to us. If a production company doesn't pay us,         we will chase them for payment on your behalf. You authorize us to initiate proceedings against any production company for unpaid expenses on your behalf. However,                         

       POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models is not responsible to the user for any commissions that a production company does not pay.

30. If you receive commissions directly from the production company POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models you are entitled to invoice our commission.

31. In some television and film productions, you will be given a salary coupon (one pawn) at the start of each day of shooting. It is the user's responsibility to keep this in mind, to ensure that          it is signed at the end of each day by an appropriate member of the production company and to return it to the production company. You will receive a copy of your salary voucher which          you must keep as proof that you worked that day. The production company can refuse to pay commissions if it does not receive a signed salary voucher at the end of the day and we are          authorized to bill you directly on the commission that would have been paid to you.

32. If the production company does not provide you with a salary voucher (chit) it is your responsibility to write to POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models of all times (start and end) and the dates on         which you worked. In case of overtime work, it is necessary to send the details of this to your contact at POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models as soon as possible. If not, you may not receive             payment for it.


33. For tax purposes, you are considered a self-employed person. You are therefore responsible for paying your income tax and completing your annual tax return. For more details please               contact your local tax office.

34. Since 6 April 2014, you are also considered to be self-employed for national insurance purposes. You will no longer have a class 1 national insurance deduction from your payment and             you will receive all payments without national insurance deductions. You will be responsible for paying the national class 2 insurance and, where applicable, the national class 4                         insurance  which will be payable together with the self-assessment income tax. This applies to all payments made after April 6, 2014. In no case are you considered an employee of the           POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models.

35. You may be considered exempt from national insurance if you are of retirement age and have a valid exemption certificate.


36. You or us may withdraw from this contract at any time by giving written notice to the other if the other is in material or persistent violation of this contract. In both cases, we will                        immediately cancel all reservations, which were due after termination.

37. Upon expiration or termination, we will immediately remove you from our casting book. We will continue to pay you any commissions paid by the production companies (after deducting our commission), which we receive after termination for reservations you participated in prior to termination.

38. The expiration or termination of this contract does not affect any right or remedy which arose under this contract before that date.


Filming isn't always action and glamor. Most of the day will be spent waiting. Remember that the crew members work very long. You are a representative of POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models; polite, patient, and helpful behavior will ultimately get you more work. Bad behavior will result in being taken out of the book. A seemingly harmless complaint can cause serious offenses.

39. You have no right to subcontract, assign, transfer, or otherwise dispose of your rights or obligations under this contract.

40. We may update the guide which will be available on our website, but without specific notice. Otherwise, we can vary this contract with 30 days' written notice.

41. Nothing in this contract is intended or should operate to create an employment contract, partnership, or joint venture of any kind between you and us, or to authorize you to act as our              agent. You will not have the authority to act in the name or on behalf of or otherwise bind POSTALMARKET 2.0 Models in any way.

42. Whenever under this agreement any sum of money is payable by you or recoverable from you and due to us, then we may deduct or offset the amount of that sum from any commission           we receive on your behalf and will inform you that we have done this.

43. Nothing in this contract confers rights or benefits to any natural or legal person other than you or us.

44. This contract constitutes the entire agreement and supersedes all previous verbal or written agreements between you and us. Except for the information you provide to us in your

        application, or otherwise as expressly stated in this agreement, neither you nor we have relied on any statement or statement made by the other party in signing this agreement.

45. This agreement, all matters relating to its interpretation or execution and any other matter or dispute arising therefrom will be governed by English law and you and we hereby submit to          the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Alessandro Figus, Dr.  -  POSTALMARKET 2.0 Ltd Correspondence address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU United Kingdom


For a remote contact (website chat only) it is important:

send some photos, three or four are enough, as we have already seen in the paragraph on the book, it is not useful to flood the agency's mail accounts with a bunch of photos, perhaps very similar to each other.

specify personal data and contacts: the agency is interested in knowing where you live and how old you are and how to contact you (give your cell phone number and your e-mail address, not that of some friend or relative)

specify your measurements (height, hips-breast-waist), eye and hair color, shoe size

nothing else is needed at this point. The curriculum is generally insignificant for agencies. They don't care if you took part in the Miss Italia selections, if you walked for the "stylist" of your city or if you appeared in some broadcast, film or other. If you already have experience (and therefore already know how to move in front of the target), just do it.

He doesn't even care if you have attended model or model courses, because they know that a busy model learns these things on set, perhaps initially posing for free for a photographer.

And finally, he doesn't even care to know that you've "always dreamed of being a model" or something. He only cares about your seriousness and reliability, as well as your physical characteristics.

If the agency also provides hostess / standest services and you are also interested in proposing them as such, it may be useful to indicate the languages ​​you know and avoid the secretarial duties you are able to carry out.

Please submit your photos for review by sending them to: info@postalmarket20shop.com


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