Cost and cancellation of shipping subscription

FASTPRIMExpress, the subscription to POSTALMARKET 2.0 which includes free unlimited shipping and various other services, at a price of 69 euros per year. Certainly convenient. But you may also decide to cancel, FASTPRIMExpress.

The subscription service that allows you to benefit from advantages on unlimited and free shipments and deliveries for purchases on the POSTALMARKET 2.0 ecommerce platform.

You can also choose the formula with quarterly payment, but in this case the monthly cost is higher: 23 euros.

What FASTPRIMExpress offers.

The offer for FASTPRIMExpress customers is remarkably: in addition to unlimited free deliveries on 70% of products, free delivery in 2-3 (only rarely in 3-5) working days also for amounts (over 29 euros is free even without FASTPRIMExpress), a number of other services have been added that may be useful.

When the FASTPRIMExpress subscription pays off

But in which cases then should you spend 69 euros per year? We can tell you that, subscription in hand, the subscription is very convenient for those who use the shipment more than 6 times in a year in 3 or 5 working days (which for most products costs € 6.90). Those who subscribe to FASTPRIMExpress can take advantage of free fast shipping (usually in 3 working days) which, without FASTPRIMExpress, costs from 6.90 upwards, finding convenience if more than 9-10 purchases of this type are made in a year.

For those who plan to make several orders with delivery in 3-5 days only within 2 or 3 months, it may instead be interesting to choose 2 or 3 monthly passes of 5.75 euros instead of spending 69 euros for the whole year.

the FASTPRIMExpress subscription is only worthwhile if you indicatively place more than 10-12 orders of less than 29 euros in a year, against a shipment without Prime that costs from € 6.90 upwards €.

How to disable How to disable FASTPRIMExpress

Fortunately you can do it at any time without costs and in a simple way directly from your POSTALMARKET 2.0 account. Simply enter the site, log in with your account and go to the "My account" section, from here click on the Chat write "Manage FASTPRIMExpress settings Unsubscribe - Give up the benefits of FASTPRIMExpress "and you're done.


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