POSTALMARKET 2.0 Replicable: to sell your products through the store and your online blog

How to work with POSTALMARKET 2.0? One of the most used methods to earn with POSTALMARKET 2.0 and by opening a business on POSTALMARKET 2.0 Replicable.


This program gives you the opportunity to sell your products directly from the POSTALMARKET 2.0 store and your Blog, and a code that will be assigned to you. but not only will the company itself take care of packaging, customer service and storage.

So all you have to do is find the best ones to sell on your Blog, produce firsthand items for sale.

You must be registered on the official website of POSTALMARKET 2.0 as a seller and send all orders produced to the chat.

We will take care of the storage and packaging and delivery of the product.

Of course, POSTALMARKET 2.0 will recognize you a percentage of the turnover.

The commissions are the same for all product types and are 30% on the taxable base of the product.

For example, if a chair costs 60 euros + 20% VAT included, the VAT amount is 12 and the tax base is 60-12 = 48 euros. Your profit: 48-30% = 11.08

How to create a blog and sell online

The blog is certainly an interesting business opportunity as it allows you to connect companies with potential customers. With a blog, we can easily increase online sales and bring our company to success, sponsor our products, find new buyers, and maximize revenues. When I say you can start a blog today and start earning enough to change your life in six months, I really say so. The blog is certainly the best alternative to expensive advertising solutions, which is why it is increasingly used also by micro-enterprises and SMEs. But to achieve this, you need to start on the right foot. If you are going to create a blog to sell your company's products or if you are thinking of starting an online business, you are in the right place. I will teach you how to create a blog, reach thousands of readers, and sell your products online.

How to create a blog

The first thing to do to be able to sell your products on a blog is ... create a blog! The nice thing is that to create a blog you won't have to go to any IT technician. You can do it yourself, even if you've never done it before. Don't worry, there is no need to worry. I will not ask you to learn programming languages ​​such as PHP and HTML, go crazy behind CSS or read large manuals of Drupal or Wordpress. There is an alternative solution, simple, fast, and safe and it's called POSTALMARKET 2.0 Replicable.

Among the many solutions that we have tested, I believe this is the most suitable for those who want to sell their products on the Web: it is quick and easy, simple to manage, and suitable for every need. We can start? Here we go! I said the first thing to do is open a blog. All right, let's open it now. Registration must be done here on POSTALMARKET 2.0 Shop.

At the top right of the page you will find the "Log in" button which will allow you to start a wizard for creating your blog.
The next step is to choose the template or the style you want to give from your website. Choose one of many: prefer the one that best matches your business. If, then, you are not satisfied, remember that you can change it at any time. Complete the registration procedure by entering all the data that will be requested. Your blog is ready. Now you can start selling your products. I'll explain how.

Create quality content

Quality content is the basis of your blog. Without them, your blog will never be indexed in search engines. If your blog is not on search engines it will not receive enough traffic. If your blog doesn't get enough traffic, you won't be able to sell your products. So to sell your products you need to publish quality content.
What exactly does the term quality content mean? These are articles that, being written with the most effective SEO techniques, manage to be indexed on Google, Bing, Yahoo! and on all other search engines. Know that 90% of Internet searches stop at the second page of search engine results. It is clear that every company must increase its efforts to rise in the Google ranking. It is not easy to write quality articles. We need a lot of passion for the Web, maximum knowledge of search engines, and many years of experience. Here you find out how to have quality articles for your blog.
Google's organic search to drive traffic to your blog is definitely a good business model, but it's not the only one. It is important to diversify. If you continue reading you will know the strategies that we have adopted and that have allowed us to quadruple the traffic on our blogs.

Comments and posts on other blogs

Anyone who decides to start a blog is generally an expert in a certain sector or in a certain market niche. Knowledge, mixed with an intense passion, is therefore the element that determines the success of a blog and online sales and it is what we must make available to our readers.  As already stated in the previous paragraph, if we want our audience to appreciate and follow us, we must necessarily offer that added value that distinguishes us from all the others. The diffusion of our knowledge must not be limited only to our blog: it is important to appreciate, enhance and enrich also other blogs or forums that have a theme similar to ours, providing comments and interventions. By this, I do not mean to fill the blogosphere with so-called copy-paste comments followed by a link to your blog. This does not mean commenting: this means sowing spam. And spam never leads to anything good! Escape, therefore, from the temptation to comment on the articles with a simple "Nice post, thank you". Comments and posts you leave on other blogs or websites must contain the same value, the same quality, and the same passion that you put on your blog. You need to make your comments intriguing the blog owner and their readers and inviting them to deepen their knowledge by reading your blog. In this way you will get two results: on the one hand you will enhance the blog that hosts your comment and the owner will be grateful to you; on the other, you will acquire new readers interested in learning more about you. It is a mutual giving and taking.

Creation of a mailing list

The creation of a mailing list, that is, a list of addresses to which to send e-mails, will help you to retain your readers and increase your traffic and your online sales. But it is really difficult to be able to build a mailing list respecting the rules of the privacy legislation. I will not be here to tell you what the law requires, but I will just say that in order to send an e-mail to another person we necessarily need his express authorization. This means that in order for me to send an e-mail to Mr. Mario Bianchi, he must authorize me in advance. The group group of this site, for example, is made up of about 5,000 people - managers, entrepreneurs, professionals - who spontaneously signed up to receive periodic suggestions to improve their business. If you want, you too can join this group by subscribing for free to the newsletter

Purchase paid traffic

Allocate a budget in proportion to your economic capacity and buy paid traffic. The most effective method is that of pay per click and pay per impression banners. The operation is quite simple: with the pay per click banners you will acquire traffic and you will pay only for each reader who reaches your site; with pay per impression banners you will buy traffic and pay for every reader who sees your banner. The choice of which formula to adopt depends on you. My advice is to try with both solutions, analyze the performance and choose the one that converts the most.

Advertising banners

Book your banner space

Book your web space on POSTALMARKET2.0 Replicable
in three simple steps:

Arrange the transfer or payment via Paypal; in three simple steps:

Arrange the transfer or payment via Paypal;



SAVE € 9.27

€ 46.88 Pro 7 months with single payment (€ 15.62 / month) SAVE € 56,15 earn up to 30% orders without limits domain III level sending banners per month management discount coupons promotions promotions personal purchases without limits customizable template assistance telephone customers



SAVE € 21.62

€ 109,38 Pro 7 months with single payment (€ 15.62 / month) SAVE € 131.00 earn up to 30% orders without limits domain III level sending banners per month management discount coupons promotions promotions personal purchases without limits customizable template assistance telephone customers



SAVE € 43.75

€ 218.75 Pro 14 months with single payment (€ 15.62 / month) SAVE € 262.00 earn up to 30% orders without limits domain II level sending banners per month management discount coupons promotions promotions personal purchases without limits customizable template assistance telephone customers

Wire transfer​

This payment method blocks the shipment until the payment is confirmed by our bank. You have 24 hours to confirm it by attaching a bank transfer receipt to your control panel in the chat. You will receive an email with the details of all the steps to finalize the order.



- Code IDB0058654

- IBAN: EE04 7700 7710 0166 0150


*Add the following ID B0058654 to the reason description to provide more security.


We remind you that it is very important to write the numerical code that you will receive via chat as the reason for the transfer made. This will recharge the treasure chest of your POSTALMARKET2.0 account, and you will be able to continue placing orders without any problems.


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